Intelligent Monitoring

We help clients leverage the power of their operational data to improve process efficiency, minimise downtime and reduce maintenance interventions.

By integrating technical know-how and commercial experience with in-depth knowledge of intelligent software, Xodus helps clients visualise their 'digital oilfield' and maximise the value of their data.

Visualisation dashboards – unlocking the value of data
Xodus has developed methods to maximise the value returned from the visual representation and use of real-time and historical data. Using our clients’ preferred visualisation software e.g. BabelFish, P2 Explorer, Plant View, PI ProcessBook, or Uniformance, we distil vast quantities of data into readily accessible tools for pro-active monitoring and optimisation of facility performance.

Work can get underway by simply mimicking offshore Distributed Control System (DCS) screens while other clients may require more sophisticated techniques to generate calculated data based on limited availability of instrumentation.

We develop online tools including virtual metering of process and flare streams, compressor performance monitoring, Triethylene Glycol (TEG) system troubleshooting and electrical submersible pump optimisation.

Benefits of visualisation dashboards

Increased confidence and understanding:

  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Improved productivity
  • Advanced warning of potential process threats
  • Enable efficient troubleshooting
  • Virtual measurements.

Save money:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Anticipate unscheduled maintenance
  • Make full use of your existing software investment
  • No additional IT or testing processes
  • Relatively routine maintenance which can be performed in-house
  • Modular build, low cost upgrades.

Experience examples:

  • Virtual metering of the Varanus Island processing hub flare system
  • Online monitoring of electric submersible pumps for Woodside Energy
  • Interactive process and subsea dashboards for Okha Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel… read the press release ›
  • Overview dashboards for North West Shelf gas assets.

Online real time modelling and advanced simulation technologies
As well as using Aspen toolkits to link HYSYS (steady state and dynamic) to multiphase pipeline simulators (such as PIPESIM, OLGA, PROSPER and GAP) and to Microsoft Excel, Xodus develops custom links to control systems, leveraging the Component Object Model (COM) and Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control (OPC) communication protocols.

Xodus has also delivered an industry first by using a dynamic process simulation at the heart of an allocation system, reading in-plant data to the model then calculating and publishing allocation reports to a client’s intranet.

As part of our client-centred approach we focus on developing visual interfaces to simulations to allow non-expert user interaction and ‘what if’ analysis.

Experience examples:

  • Integrated production modelling for coal seam and shale gas projects
  • Slug control studies on oil train level control and reciprocating compressor control
  • Produced water design stage control review
  • Compressor control optimisation studies including the use of a Compressor Control Corporation (CCC) HYSYS extension where needed
  • Rigorous hydraulic and thermodynamic blowdown analysis of onshore and offshore facilities
  • Over-pressurisation and Instrument Overpressure Protection System (IOPPS) analysis of process facilities
  • Development of operator training systems
  • Control solution for two platforms exporting oil to a common manifold.

Xodus Group is the upstream oil and gas Implementation Service Provider (ISP) in Australia and New Zealand for AspenTech, the leading global supplier of process manufacturing software… more ›